5 ways to start your day with just 3 ingredients

Say goodbye to your growling stomach and hello to your new performance partner: Medjool dates. This whole fruit is more than just a simple snack—it has the perfect combination of easy-to-digest carbs and natural sugars for the lasting boost you need.

That’s why we came up with five powerful breakfasts to sustain your energy all morning long. And here’s the best part: they only require three ingredients each.

Toast With The Most
Potassium + Protein
Medjool Dates Peanut Butter Toast Click to Make
Whole Grain Toast
Peanut Butter
Medjool Dates
Power-Packed Yogurt
Medjool Dates Granola Greek Yogurt Click to Make
Greek Yogurt
Medjool Dates
Medjool Dates Chia Seeds Oats Click to Make
Chia Seeds
Medjool Dates
Anything-But-Basic Bites
Shredded Coconut Almond Butter Medjool Dates Click to Make
Medjool Dates
Almond Butter
Shredded Coconut
Grainless Granola
Almonds Pumpkin Seeds Medjool Dates Click to Make
Pumpkin Seeds
Medjool Dates