Make your holiday treats naturally sweet with Natural Delights® Medjool Dates

Let's face it,

when you’re craving something sweet during the holidays, it’s hard to make smart choices. It helps to plan ahead and have a few natural, healthy ingredients (like Natural Delights® Medjool dates) around the house.

Medjool dates are naturally sweet

yet low on the glycemic index thanks to a balance of natural fiber. Not only are they a deliciously sweet snack snack, they can help you replace processed sugar in a wide variety of recipes.

Medjool Date Gingerbread Cookies

Are the perfect addition to your holiday cookie platter. With no added sugar, these little guys are sure to impress and delight your nearest and dearest.

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Here are a few more of our favorite naturally sweet holiday treats with no added sugar.

Pitted Dates

Look for the orange tub in the produce section!