Fall is our favorite time of year!

After a year of preparation, meticulous care, and nurturing, our beautiful groves of Medjool date palms are ready for harvest! Every year, for 6 weeks in the Fall, our skilled crew of Palmeros will hand select only the best Medjool dates that have matured into deliciously sweet fresh fruit.

Palmeros Defined

Palmeros are members of our team that have mastered the art of nurturing our date palms year-round. From hand pollination and thinning to managing drip irrigation and protecting our fruit from pests, many of our Palmeros have been helping us care for our date palms for over 20 years.

Sustainably Grown and Naturally Sweet

Our naturally sweet fresh Medjool dates are non GMO, additive-free, and we never use pesticides in our groves. Our co-op of growers have set the gold standard for environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices involving water conservation, solar power, waste reduction, recyclable packaging, and a commitment to providing a healthy working environment.

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Pesticide Free
Additive Free