Winter Workouts Made Easy

Winterize your workouts with Medjool dates

As you bundle up for winter sports and fitness activities, it’s important to understand how to modify your nutrition program to stay energized for cooler temperatures. Here are some tips to help you winterize your workouts:

Fuel up with Carbs and Protein Pre-Activity

You need the right food to fuel your body’s pre-activity. Warm carbs with a little bit of protein will help get your engine running and provide a good base of energy for your workout.

Stay Hydrated

While you may not feel thirsty in colder weather, it’s important to take in liquids to prevent dehydration.

Avoid the Shivers With On-the-Go Snacks

If you get a sudden chill, it could mean your body is in need of fuel. It’s important to have an easy to access snacks that will help restore muscle glycogen and keep you energized throughout your activity.