Gameday Snacks with Medjool Dates

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017
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Natural Delights Medjool dates are renowned for their performance qualities around sustained energy and muscle recovery. We often talk about how to use them in energy smoothies or how they can help you replace processed sugar in your diet. 

Amid our conversations around fueling endurance athletes and creating healthy school lunches, we can easily forget a few key facts about Medjool dates. They’re delicious and super versatile! Especially in recipes that are perfect for entertaining or having on hand at your next tailgate.  

We put together a few of our favorite gameday recipes that use our own sustainably grown, fresh Medjool dates. Enjoy!

Medjool Date, Pear & Brie Skewers

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Medjool Date Bites

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Candied Black Pepper & Medjool Date Bacon

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Medjool Date and Citrus BBQ Sauce

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Spicy Jalapeño and Chipotle Cheese Stuffed Medjool Dates

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Medjool Date Old Fashioned

Pitted Dates
Buy Pitted Dates for Easy Smoothie Prep

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