How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip

Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016
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Road trips are an American staple: perfect for the weekend warrior and wandering nomad alike. Nothing beats the feeling of speeding towards the horizon as you take in different landscapes, food, music and the freedom to stumble across something new and unknown. While it’s fun to indulge on the road, you don’t have to completely derail your fitness and health goals while you’re at it. Here are a few tips to stay on track.


Eat Well

Part of the fun when you’re cruising across the country is trying local favorites or some fast-food, which more often than not, is deliciously unhealthy. Indulge in these meals as a special treat once in awhile and maintain a healthy diet for the majority of the time while traveling. You’ll thank yourself later!

  • Preparation is key. A cooler is your best friend when it comes to keeping good-for-you foods fresh and within reach. Easy, car-friendly snacks are string cheese, fresh fruit, carrots, snap-peas, and hummus. Our Medjool Dates could not be more ideal to snack on while you take on day-long drives– they don’t need to be refrigerated, they’re portable, and the combination of complex carbs and dietary fiber will keep you alert at the wheel for hours to come.
  • When stopping for a hot meal, always go for the grilled options and avoid anything fried.


Drink Water

While it’s tempting to load up on coffee or energy drinks in the morning as you start your drive, caffeine will work against you when it comes to retaining fluids. Make sure to always keep a handy bottle of water within reach to stay hydrated and full to prevent mindless snacking.


Practice Good Posture

You have likely experienced the creaky joints, muscles, and bones after slouching or curling into odd positions in the car. Making an effort to sit correctly (especially if you’re the driver) is a good remedy for post-road trip soreness.

  • At the correct seat height, your hips should be at the same height as your knees (if you are too low, try sitting on a cushion or wedge).
  • Your steering wheel should be adjusted so that you don’t need to reach forward to hold it (this can cause strain on your upper back and neck).
  • Remove anything from your back pockets.
  • Place a small pillow at the curve of your back for support.


Exercise anywhere

It’s easy to make excuses for why you can’t work out when you aren’t in your normal routine. Fortunately, there are plenty of exercises that can be done anywhere!

  • Push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and squats can be performed anywhere, at any time. You can even jog up and down your hotel’s stairwell or around the hotel property!
  • What better way to soak in a new destination than to use walking as your main mode of transportation? You’ll not only get some needed movement but you’ll have the chance to see a new city from a local’s perspective.