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A naturally sweet, whole fresh fruit

The humble beginning of Natural Delights® Medjool dates starts at the top of a lofty date palm. This whole, fresh fruit finds its natural sweetness from abundant sunshine—and not much else.

Bard Valley, the heart of our growing region

Location is everything. Medjool dates demand a very specific set of growing conditions where high heat, low humidity and plentiful water meet. To grow the world’s finest, we planted our date palms within a 150-square-mile radius of the intersection of Arizona, California and Mexico. Bathed in sunshine and nourished by the Colorado River, Bard Valley is home to the Natural Delights® brand.

No pesticides. No additives.
A no-brainer.

Nature’s touch is enough for us. We never use pesticides and Natural Delights® is additive-free.

Where soil health comes naturally.

We work all trimmings and organic materials from the growing season back into the soil. It’s our testament to the power of nature’s work.

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The full story of our Sustainability and Growing Practices runs a lot deeper.
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